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Display information about FPolicy policy status

You can display information about the status for FPolicy policies to determine whether a policy is enabled, what external engine it is configured to use, what the sequence number is for the policy, and to which storage virtual machine (SVM) the FPolicy policy is associated.

About this task

If you do not specify any parameters, the command displays the following information:

  • SVM name

  • Policy name

  • Policy sequence number

  • Policy status

In addition to displaying information about policy status for FPolicy policies configured on the cluster or a specific SVM, you can use command parameters to filter the command’s output by other criteria.

You can specify the -instance parameter to display detailed information about listed policies. Alternatively, you can use the -fields parameter to display only the indicated fields in the command output, or -fields ? to determine what fields you can use.

  1. Display filtered information about FPolicy policy status by using the appropriate command:

    If you want to display status information about policies…​

    Enter the command…​

    On the cluster

    vserver fpolicy show

    That have the specified status

    vserver fpolicy show -status {on|off}

    On a specified SVM

    vserver fpolicy show -vserver vserver_name

    With the specified policy name

    vserver fpolicy show -policy-name policy_name

    That use the specified external engine

    vserver fpolicy show -engine engine_name


The following example displays the information about FPolicy policies on the cluster:

cluster1::> vserver fpolicy show
Vserver             Policy Name           Number  Status      Engine
------------------- ------------------- --------  ---------   ---------
FPolicy             cserver_policy      -         off         eng1
vs1.example.com     v1p1                -         off         eng2
vs1.example.com     v1p2                -         off         native
vs1.example.com     v1p3                -         off         native
vs1.example.com     cserver_policy      -         off         eng1
vs2.example.com     v1p1                3         on          native
vs2.example.com     v1p2                1         on          eng3
vs2.example.com     cserver_policy      2         on          eng1
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