ONTAP 9.14

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Limitations of ONTAP support for NFSv4

You should be aware of several limitations of ONTAP support for NFSv4.

  • The delegation feature is not supported by every client type.

    Volumes created with the utf8mb4 language setting and mounted using NFS v4 are no longer subject to this restriction.

  • All file handles are persistent; the server does not give volatile file handles.

  • Migration and replication are not supported.

  • NFSv4 clients are not supported with read-only load-sharing mirrors.

    ONTAP routes NFSv4 clients to the source of the load-sharing mirror for direct read and write access.

  • Named attributes are not supported.

  • All recommended attributes are supported, except for the following:

    • archive

    • hidden

    • homogeneous

    • mimetype

    • quota_avail_hard

    • quota_avail_soft

    • quota_used

    • system

    • time_backup

      Although it does not support the quota* attributes, ONTAP does support user and group quotas through the RQUOTA side band protocol.
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