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Display interface group information (cluster administrators only)

You can display information about an interface group to determine its configuration.

About this task

The following information is displayed:

  • Node on which the interface group is located

  • List of network ports that are included in the interface group

  • Interface group’s name

  • Distribution function (MAC, IP, port, or sequential)

  • Interface group’s Media Access Control (MAC) address

  • Port activity status; that is, whether all aggregated ports are active (full participation), whether some are active (partial participation), or whether none are active


Display information about interface groups by using the network port ifgrp show command.

You can display detailed information for each node by specifying the -instance parameter. You can display specific information by specifying field names using the -fields parameter.

The following command displays information about all interface groups in the cluster:

network port ifgrp show
         Port     Distribution                    Active
Node     IfGrp    Function     MAC Address        Ports   Ports
-------- -------- ------------ -----------------  ------- --------
         a0a      ip           02:a0:98:06:10:b2  full    e7a, e7b
         a0a      sequential   02:a0:98:06:10:ca  full    e7a, e7b
         a0a      port         02:a0:98:08:5b:66  full    e7a, e7b
         a0a      mac          02:a0:98:08:61:4e  full    e7a, e7b

The following command displays detailed interface group information for a single node:

network port ifgrp show -instance -node cluster-1-01

                 Node: cluster-1-01
 Interface Group Name: a0a
Distribution Function: ip
        Create Policy: multimode
          MAC Address: 02:a0:98:06:10:b2
   Port Participation: full
        Network Ports: e7a, e7b
             Up Ports: e7a, e7b
           Down Ports: -
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