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How quotas with multiple users work

When you put multiple users in the same quota target, the quota limits defined by that quota are not applied to each individual user; in this case, the quota limits are shared among all users listed in the quota target.

Unlike with commands for managing objects, such as volumes and qtrees, you cannot rename a quota target, including a multi-user quota. This means that after a multi-user quota is defined, you cannot modify the users in the quota target, and you cannot add users to a target or remove users from a target. If you want to add or remove a user from a multi-user quota, then the quota containing that user must be deleted and a new quota rule with the set of users in the target defined.

If you combine separate user quotas into one multi-user quota, you can activate the change by resizing quotas. However, if you want to remove users from a quota target with multiple users, or add users to a target that already has multiple users, you must reinitialize quotas before the change takes effect.

Example of more than one user in a quotas file entry

In the following example, there are two users listed in the quota entry. The two users can use up to 80 MB of space combined. If one uses 75 MB, then the other one can use only 5 MB.

#Quota       target type    disk files thold sdisk sfile
#----------  ----           ---- ----- ----- ----- -----
jsmith,chen  user@/vol/vol1 80M
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