ONTAP 9.14

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Manage nodes using ONTAP System Manager

Using ONTAP System Manager, you can add nodes to a cluster and rename them. You can also reboot, take over, and give back nodes.

Add nodes to a cluster

You can increase the size and capabilities of your cluster by adding new nodes.

Before you Start

You should have already cabled the new nodes to the cluster.

About this task

There are separate processes for working with ONTAP System Manager in ONTAP 9.7 or ONTAP 9.8 and later.

ONTAP 9.8 and later procedure

Adding nodes to a cluster with ONTAP System Manager (ONTAP 9.8 and later)

  1. Select Cluster > Overview.

    The new controllers are shown as nodes connected to the cluster network but are not in the cluster.

  2. Select Add.

    • The nodes are added into the cluster.

    • Storage is allocated implicitly.

ONTAP 9.7 procedure

Adding nodes to a cluster with ONTAP System Manager (ONTAP 9.7)

  1. Select (Return to classic version).

  2. Select Configurations > Cluster Expansion.

    ONTAP System Manager automatically discovers the new nodes.

  3. Select Switch to the new experience.

  4. Select Cluster > Overview to view the new nodes.

Shut down, reboot or edit service processor

When you reboot or shutdown a node, its HA partner automatically executes a takeover.

  1. Select Cluster > Overview.

  2. Under Nodes, select menu icon.

  3. Select the node and then select Shut down, Reboot, or Edit Service Processor.

    If a node has been rebooted and is waiting for giveback, the Giveback option is also available.
    If you select Edit Service Processor, you can choose Manual to input the IP address, subnet mask and gateway, or you can choose DHCP for dynamic host configuration.

Rename nodes

Beginning with ONTAP 9.14.1, you can rename a node from the cluster overview page.

  1. Select Cluster. The cluster overview page displays.

  2. Scroll down to the Nodes section.

  3. Next to the node that you want to rename, select menu icon, and select Rename.

  4. Modify the node name, and then select Rename.

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