ONTAP 9.14

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Change NVMe host priority

Beginning with ONTAP 9.14.1, you can configure your NVMe subsystem to prioritize resource allocation for specific hosts. By default, when a host is added to the subsystem, it is assigned a regular priority. Hosts assigned a high priority are allocated larger I/O queue counts and queue-depths.

You can use the ONTAP command line interface (CLI) to manually change the default priority from regular to high. To change the priority assigned to a host, you must remove the host from the subsystem and then add it back.

  1. Verify that the host priority is set to regular:

    vserver nvme show-host-priority
  2. Remove the host from the subsystem:

    vserver nvme subsystem host remove –vserver <svm_name> -subsystem <subsystem> -host-nqn <host_nqn>
  3. Verify that the host is removed from the subsystem:

    vserver nvme subsystem host show
  4. Add the host back to the subsystem with high priority:

    vserver nvme subsystem host add -vserver <SVM_name> -subsystem <subsystem_name> -host-nqn <Host_NQN_:subsystem._subsystem_name> -priority high
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