ONTAP 9.14

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How the autoshrink functionality interacts with Snapshot copy deletion

Because the autoshrink functionality shrinks the size of a FlexVol volume, it can also affect when volume Snapshot copies are automatically deleted.

The autoshrink functionality interacts with automatic volume Snapshot copy deletion in the following ways:

  • If both the grow_shrink autosize mode and automatic Snapshot copy deletion are enabled, when a volume size shrinks it can trigger an automatic Snapshot copy deletion.

    This is because the Snapshot reserve is based on a percentage of the volume size (5 percent by default), and that percentage is now based on a smaller volume size. This can cause Snapshot copies to spill out of the reserve and be deleted automatically.

  • If the grow_shrink autosize mode is enabled and you manually delete a Snapshot copy, it might trigger an automatic volume shrinkage.

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