ONTAP 9.14

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Verify tape device connections

You must ensure that all drives and media changers are visible in ONTAP as devices.

  1. View information about all drives and media changers by using the storage tape show command.

    cluster1::> storage tape show
    Node: cluster1-01
    Device ID               Device Type     Description                     Status
    ----------------------  --------------  ------------------------------  --------
    sw4:10.11               tape drive      HP LTO-3                        normal
    0b.125L1                media changer   HP MSL G3 Series                normal
    0d.4                    tape drive      IBM LTO 5 ULT3580               normal
    0d.4L1                  media changer   IBM 3573-TL                     normal
  2. If a tape drive is not displayed, troubleshoot the problem.

  3. If a media changer is not displayed, view information about media changers by using the storage tape show-media-changer command, and then troubleshoot the problem.

    cluster1::> storage tape show-media-changer
    Media Changer: sw4:10.11L1
      Description: PX70-TL
             WWNN: 2:00a:000e11:10b919
             WWPN: 2:00b:000e11:10b919
    Serial Number: 00FRU7800000_LL1
           Errors: -
    Node                      Initiator  Alias    Device State              Status
    ------------------------  ---------  -------  ------------------------  --------
    cluster1-01               2b         mc0      in-use                    normal
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