ONTAP 9.14

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All SAN Array software configuration overview

The All SAN Arrays (ASAs) are available beginning with ONTAP 9.7. ASAs are all-flash SAN-only solutions built on proven ETERNUS AX series platforms.

ASA platforms use symmetric active-active for multipathing. All paths are active/optimized so in the event of a storage failover, the host does not need to wait for the ALUA transition of the failover paths to resume I/O. This reduces time to failover.

Set up an ASA

All SAN Arrays (ASAs) follow the same setup procedure as non-ASA systems.

ONTAP System Manager guides you through the procedures necessary to initialize your cluster, create a local tier, configure protocols, and provision storage for your ASA.

ASA host settings and utilities

Host settings for setting up All-Flash SAN Arrays (ASAs) are the same as those for all other SAN hosts.

You can download the Fujitsu Host Utilities software for your specific hosts from the support site.

Ways to identify an ASA system

You can identify an ASA system using ONTAP System Manager or using the ONTAP command line interface (CLI).

  • From the ONTAP System Manager dashboard: Click Cluster > Overview and then select the system node.

    The PERSONALITY is displayed as All-Flash SAN Array.

  • From the CLI: Enter the san config show command.

    The "All SAN Array" value returns as true for ASA systems.

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