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Commands for managing licenses

You use the system license commands to manage feature licenses for the cluster. You use the system feature-usage commands to monitor feature usage.

If you want to…​ Use this command…​

Add one or more licenses

system license add


The following example adds a list of licenses with the keys AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB to the cluster:


The following example installs the licenses from the local node "/mroot/etc/lic_file":

cluster1::> system license add -use-license-file true

Display information about installed licenses, for example:

  • License package name and description

  • License type (site, license, or demo)

  • Expiration date, if applicable

  • The cluster or nodes that a package is licensed for

  • Customer ID

system license show

Some information is displayed only when you use the –instance parameter.

Display all packages that require licenses and their current license status, including the following:

  • The package name

  • The licensed method

  • The expiration date, if applicable

system license show-status


The following example displays the license status of the cluster:

cluster1::> system license show-status Status License Scope Detailed Status --------- ------------------- --------- ---------------------- partially-installed CIFS node License missing on: Node2-Cluster1. SnapRestore node License missing on: Node2-Cluster1. valid FCP node - FabricPool cluster The system is using 1TB, and can use up to 25TB. not-installed NFS - - iSCSI - - SnapMirror - - FlexClone - - SnapVault - - SnapLock - - SnapManagerSuite - - SnapProtectApps - - V_StorageAttach - - Insight_Balance - - OCShift - - TPM - - VE - - DP_Optimized - - not-applicable Cloud - - Select - - 20 entries were displayed.

Delete the license of a package from the cluster or a node whose serial number you specify

system license delete


The following example deletes a license named CIFS and serial number 1-81-0000000000000000000123456 from the cluster:

cluster1::> system license delete -serial-number 1-81-0000000000000000000123456 -package CIFS

The following example deletes from the cluster all of the licenses under the installed-license Core Bundle for serial number 123456789:

cluster1::> system license delete { -serial-number 123456789 -installed-license "Core Bundle" }

Display or remove expired or unused licenses

system license clean-up


The following example simulates and displays the licenses that can be cleaned up:

cluster-1::> system license clean-up -expired -unused

The following licenses were safely deleted:

Serial number: 1-80-000011 Owner: cdancluster-1 Package Reason ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- CIFS License has expired

Serial number: 4067154888 Owner: none Package Reason ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Cloud License has expired

Serial number: 1-81-0000000000000004067154999 Owner: none Package Reason ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- iSCSI License unused by any node in the cluster The following licenses are either expired or unused but cannot be safely deleted:

Serial number: 4067154778 Owner: node1 Package Reason ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Cloud Feature would be impaired upon removal

Serial number: 4067154779 Owner: node2 Package Reason ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Cloud System generated license

Display summary of feature usage in the cluster on a per-node basis

system feature-usage show-summary

Display feature usage status in the cluster on a per-node and per-week basis

system feature-usage show-history

Display the status of license entitlement risk for each license package

system license entitlement-risk show

Some information is displayed only when you use the -detail and -instance parameters.

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