ONTAP 9.14

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You can configure SNMP to monitor SVMs in your cluster to avoid issues before they occur, and to respond to issues if they do occur. Managing SNMP involves configuring SNMP users and configuring SNMP traphost destinations (management workstations) for all SNMP events. SNMP is disabled by default on data LIFs.

You can create and manage read-only SNMP users in the data SVM. Data LIFs must be configured to receive SNMP requests on the SVM.

SNMP network management workstations, or managers, can query the SVM SNMP agent for information. The SNMP agent gathers information and forwards it to the SNMP managers. The SNMP agent also generates trap notifications whenever specific events occur. The SNMP agent on the SVM has read-only privileges; it cannot be used for any set operations or for taking a corrective action in response to a trap. ONTAP provides an SNMP agent compatible with SNMP versions v1, v2c, and v3. SNMPv3 offers advanced security by using passphrases and encryption.

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