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Display LIFs in a load balancing zone

You can verify whether a load balancing zone is configured correctly by displaying all of the LIFs that belong to it. You can also view the load balancing zone of a particular LIF, or the load balancing zones for all LIFs.


Display the LIFs and load balancing details that you want by using one of the following commands

To display…​


LIFs in a particular load balancing zone

network interface show -dns-zone zone_name

zone_name specifies the name of the load balancing zone.

The load balancing zone of a particular LIF

network interface show -lif lif_name -fields dns-zone

The load balancing zones of all LIFs

network interface show -fields dns-zone

Examples of displaying load balancing zones for LIFs

The following command displays the details of all LIFs in the load balancing zone storage.company.com for SVM vs0:

net int show -vserver vs0 -dns-zone storage.company.com

         Logical    Status     Network           Current   Current Is
Vserver  Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask      Node      Port    Home
-------- ---------- ---------- ----------------- --------- ------- ----
         lif3         up/up  ndeux-11  e0c     true
         lif4         up/up   ndeux-21  e0c     true
         lif5         up/up   ndeux-11  e0c     true
         lif6         up/up   ndeux-11  e0c     true
         lif7         up/up   ndeux-21  e0c     true
         lif8         up/up   ndeux-21  e0c     true

The following command displays the DNS zone details of the LIF data3:

network interface show -lif data3 -fields dns-zone
Vserver  lif    dns-zone
-------  -----  --------
vs0      data3  storage.company.com

The following command displays the list of all LIFs in the cluster and their corresponding DNS zones:

network interface show -fields dns-zone
Vserver   lif          dns-zone
-------   ------------ --------
cluster   cluster_mgmt none
ndeux-21  clus1        none
ndeux-21  clus2        none
ndeux-21  mgmt1        none
vs0       data1        storage.company.com
vs0       data2        storage.company.com
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