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Configure FC adapters for target mode

You can configure individual FC ports of onboard adapters and certain FC adapter cards for target mode. Target mode is used to connect the ports to FC initiators.

About this task

Each onboard FC port can be individually configured as an initiator or a target. Ports on certain FC adapters can also be individually configured as either a target port or an initiator port, just like the onboard FC ports.

The same steps are used when configuring FC adapters for the FC protocol and the FC-NVMe protocol. However, only certain FC adapters support FC-NVMe.

  1. Take the adapter offline:

    node run -node node_name storage disable adapter adapter_name

    If the adapter does not go offline, you can also remove the cable from the appropriate adapter port on the system.

  2. Change the adapter from initiator to target:

    system node hardware unified-connect modify -t target -node node_name adapter adapter_name

  3. Reboot the node hosting the adapter you changed.

  4. Verify that the target port has the correct configuration:

    network fcp adapter show -node node_name

  5. Bring your adapter online:

    network fcp adapter modify -node node_name -adapter adapter_port -state up

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