ONTAP 9.14

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Manage resources using quotas

You can configure and manage usage quotas with ONTAP System Manager.

If you are using the ONTAP CLI to configure and manage usage quotas, refer to Logical Storage Management.

If you are using legacy ONTAP System Manager for ONTAP 9.7 releases to configure and manage usage quotas, see the following for your release:

Quota overview

Quotas provide a way to restrict or track the disk space and number of files used by a user, group, or qtree. Quotas are applied to a specific volume or qtree.

You can use quotas to track and limit resource usage in volumes and provide notification when resource usage reaches specific levels.

Quotas can be soft or hard. Soft quotas cause ONTAP to send a notification when specified limits are exceeded, and hard quotas prevent a write operation from succeeding when specified limits are exceeded.

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