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Respond to degraded system health

When your system’s health status is degraded, you can show alerts, read about the probable cause and corrective actions, show information about the degraded subsystem, and resolve the problem. Suppressed alerts are also shown so that you can modify them and see whether they have been acknowledged.

About this task

You can discover that an alert was generated by viewing an AutoSupport message or an EMS event, or by using the system health commands.

  1. Use the system health alert show command to view the alerts that are compromising the system’s health.

  2. Read the alert’s probable cause, possible effect, and corrective actions to determine whether you can resolve the problem or need more information.

  3. If you need more information, use the system health alert show -instance command to view additional information available for the alert.

  4. Use the system health alert modify command with the -acknowledge parameter to indicate that you are working on a specific alert.

  5. Take corrective action to resolve the problem as described by the Corrective Actions field in the alert.

    The corrective actions might include rebooting the system.

    When the problem is resolved, the alert is automatically cleared. If the subsystem has no other alerts, the health of the subsystem changes to OK. If the health of all subsystems is OK, the overall system health status changes to OK.

  6. Use the system health status show command to confirm that the system health status is OK.

    If the system health status is not OK, repeat this procedure.

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