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Reestablish client mounts

To convert non-trunked client connections to trunked connections, existing mounts on Linux and VMware clients must be unmounted and remounted using information about LIFs.

When entering mount commands on the clients, you must enter IP addresses for each LIF in the trunking group.

Learn about supported clients.

Unmounting VMware clients is disruptive for any VMs on the datastore. An alternative would be to create a new datastore enabled for trunking, and use storage vmotion to move your VMs from the old datastore to the new one. See your VMware documentation for details.
Linux client requirements

A separate mount point is required for each connection in the trunking group.

Mount the exported volumes with commands similar to the following:

mount lif1_ip:/vol-test /mnt/test1 -o vers=4.1,max_connect=2

mount lif2_ip:/vol-test /mnt/test2 -o vers=4.1,max_connect=2

The vers value should should be 4.1 or later.

The max_connect value should correspond to the number of connections in the trunking group.

VMware client requirements

A mount statement is required that includes an IP address for each connection in the trunking group.

Mount the exported datastore with a command similar to the following:

#esxcli storage nfs41 -H lif1_ip, lif2_ip -s /mnt/sh are1 -v nfs41share

The -H values should correspond to the connections in the trunking group.

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