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NFS configuration overview with the CLI

You can use ONTAP 9 CLI commands to configure NFS client access to files contained in a new volume or qtree in a new or existing storage virtual machine (SVM).

Use these procedures if you want to configure access to a volume or qtree in the following way:

  • You want to use any version of NFS currently supported by ONTAP: NFSv3, NFSv4, NFSv4.1, NFSv4.2, or NFSv4.1 with pNFS.

  • You want to use the command-line interface (CLI), not ONTAP System Manager or an automated scripting tool.

    To use ONTAP System Manager to configure NAS multiprotocol access, see [Provision NAS storage for both Windows and Linux using both NFS and SMB].

  • You want to use best practices, not explore every available option.

    Details about command syntax are available from CLI help and ONTAP man pages.

  • UNIX file permissions will be used to secure the new volume.

  • You have cluster administrator privileges, not SVM administrator privileges.

If you want details about the range of ONTAP NFS protocol capabilities, consult the NFS reference overview.

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