ONTAP 9.14

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Run efficiency operations depending on the amount of new data written

You can modify the efficiency operation schedule to run deduplication or data compression when the number of new blocks written to the volume after the previous efficiency operation (performed manually or scheduled) exceeds a specified threshold percentage.

About this task

If the schedule option is set to auto, the scheduled efficiency operation runs when the amount of new data exceeds the specified percentage. The default threshold value is 20 percent. This threshold value is the percentage of the total number of blocks already processed by the efficiency operation.

  1. Use the volume efficiency modify command with the auto@num option to modify the threshold percentage value.

    num is a two-digit number to specify the percentage.


The following command modifies the threshold percentage value to 30 percent for the volume VolA:

volume efficiency modify -vserver vs1 -volume -VolA -schedule auto@30

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