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When a full quota reinitialization is required

Although resizing quotas is faster, you must do a full quota reinitialization if you make certain small or extensive changes to your quotas.

A full quota reinitialization is necessary in the following circumstances:

  • You create a quota for a target that has not previously had a quota.

  • You change user mapping in the usermap.cfg file and you use the QUOTA_PERFORM_USER_MAPPING entry in the quotas file.

  • You change the security style of a qtree from UNIX to either mixed or NTFS.

  • You change the security style of a qtree from mixed or NTFS to UNIX.

  • You remove users from a quota target with multiple users, or add users to a target that already has multiple users.

  • You make extensive changes to your quotas.

Example of quotas changes that require initialization

Suppose you have a volume that contains three qtrees and the only quotas in the volume are three tree quotas. You decide to make the following changes:

  • Add a new qtree and create a new tree quota for it.

  • Add a default user quota for the volume.

Both of these changes require a full quota initialization. Resizing does not make the quotas effective.

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