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How health alerts trigger AutoSupport messages and events

System health alerts trigger AutoSupport messages and events in the Event Management System (EMS), enabling you to monitor the health of the system using AutoSupport messages and the EMS in addition to using the health monitoring system directly.

Your system sends an AutoSupport message within five minutes of an alert. The AutoSupport message includes all alerts generated since the previous AutoSupport message, except for alerts that duplicate an alert for the same resource and probable cause within the previous week.

Some alerts do not trigger AutoSupport messages. An alert does not trigger an AutoSupport message if its health policy disables the sending of AutoSupport messages. For example, a health policy might disable AutoSupport messages by default because AutoSupport already generates a message when the problem occurs. You can configure policies to not trigger AutoSupport messages by using the system health policy definition modify command.

You can view a list of all of the alert-triggered AutoSupport messages sent in the previous week using the system health autosupport trigger history show command.

Alerts also trigger the generation of events to the EMS. An event is generated each time an alert is created and each time an alert is cleared.

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