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Enable SnapMirror on the Element cluster

You must enable SnapMirror on the Element cluster before you can create a replication relationship. You can perform this task in the Element software web UI only.

Before you begin
  • The Element cluster must be running Fujitsu Element software version 10.1 or later.

  • SnapMirror can only be enabled for Element clusters used with Fujitsu ONTAP volumes.

About this task

The Element system comes with SnapMirror disabled by default. SnapMirror is not automatically enabled as part of a new installation or upgrade.

Once enabled, SnapMirror cannot be disabled. You can only disable the SnapMirror feature and restore the default settings by returning the cluster to the factory image.

  1. Click Clusters > Settings.

  2. Find the cluster-specific settings for SnapMirror.

  3. Click Enable SnapMirror.

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