ONTAP 9.14

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Display information about the nodes in a cluster

You can display node names, whether the nodes are healthy, and whether they are eligible to participate in the cluster. At the advanced privilege level, you can also display whether a node holds epsilon.

  1. To display information about the nodes in a cluster, use the cluster show command.

    If you want the output to show whether a node holds epsilon, run the command at the advanced privilege level.

Examples of displaying the nodes in a cluster

The following example displays information about all nodes in a four-node cluster:

cluster1::> cluster show
Node                  Health  Eligibility
--------------------- ------- ------------
node1                 true    true
node2                 true    true
node3                 true    true
node4                 true    true

The following example displays detailed information about the node named “node1” at the advanced privilege level:

cluster1::> set -privilege advanced
Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use them only when directed to do so by support personnel.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

cluster1::*> cluster show -node node1

       Node: node1
  Node UUID: a67f9f34-9d8f-11da-b484-000423b6f094
    Epsilon: false
Eligibility: true
     Health: true
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