ONTAP 9.14

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Takeover and serve data from the destination bucket (remote cluster)

If the data in a source bucket becomes unavailable, you can break the SnapMirror relationship to make the destination bucket writable and begin serving data.

About this task

When a takeover operation is performed, source bucket is converted to read-only and original destination bucket is converted to read-write, thereby reversing the S3 SnapMirror relationship.

When the disabled source bucket is available again, S3 SnapMirror automatically resynchronizes the contents of the two buckets. It is not necessary to explicitly resynchronize the relationship, as is required for volume SnapMirror deployments.

The takeover operation must be initiated from the remote cluster.

ONTAP System Manager

Failover from the unavailable bucket and begin serving data:

  1. Click Protection > Relationships, then select S3 SnapMirror.

  2. Click more icon, select Failover, then click Failover.

  1. Initiate a failover operation for the destination bucket:
    snapmirror failover start -destination-path svm_name:/bucket/bucket_name

  2. Verify the status of the failover operation:
    snapmirror show -fields status

    dest_cluster::> snapmirror failover start -destination-path dest_svm1:/bucket/test-bucket-mirror
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