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Split broadcast domains

You can modify an existing broadcast domain by splitting it into two different broadcast domains, with each broadcast domain containing some of the original ports assigned to the original broadcast domain.

About this task
  • If the ports are in a failover group, all of the ports in a failover group must be split.

  • If the ports have LIFs associated with them, the LIFs cannot be part of a subnet’s ranges.


Split a broadcast domain into two broadcast domains:

network port broadcast-domain split -ipspace <ipspace_name> -broadcast-domain <broadcast_domain_name> -new-broadcast-domain <broadcast_domain_name> -ports <node:port,node:port>
  • ipspace_name is the name of the IPspace where the broadcast domain resides.

  • -broadcast-domain is the name of the broadcast domain that will be split.

  • -new-broadcast-domain is the name of the new broadcast domain that will be created.

  • -ports is the node name and port to be added to the new broadcast domain.

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