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iSCSI service management

You can manage the availability of the iSCSI service on the iSCSI logical interfaces of the storage virtual machine (SVM) by using the vserver iscsi interface enable or vserver iscsi interface disable commands.

By default, the iSCSI service is enabled on all iSCSI logical interfaces.

How iSCSI is implemented on the host

iSCSI can be implemented on the host using hardware or software.

You can implement iSCSI in one of the following ways:

  • Using Initiator software that uses the host’s standard Ethernet interfaces.

  • Through an iSCSI host bus adapter (HBA): An iSCSI HBA appears to the host operating system as a SCSI disk adapter with local disks.

  • Using a TCP Offload Engine (TOE) adapter that offloads TCP/IP processing.

    The iSCSI protocol processing is still performed by host software.

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