ONTAP 9.14

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List of supported privileges

ONTAP has a predefined set of supported privileges. Certain predefined local groups have some of these privileges added to them by default. You can also add or remove privileges from the predefined groups or create new local users or groups and add privileges to the groups that you created or to existing domain users and groups.

The following table lists the supported privileges on the storage virtual machine (SVM) and provides a list of BUILTIN groups with assigned privileges:

Privilege name Default security setting Description



Act as part of the operating system


BUILTIN\Administrators, BUILTIN\Backup Operators

Back up files and directories, overriding any ACLs


BUILTIN\Administrators, BUILTIN\Backup Operators

Restore files and directories, overriding any ACLs Set any valid user or group SID as the file owner



Take ownership of files or other objects



Manage auditingThis includes viewing, dumping, and clearing the security log.


BUILTIN\Administrators, BUILTIN\Backup Operators, BUILTIN\Power Users, BUILTIN\Users, Everyone

Bypass traverse checkingUsers with this privilege are not required to have traverse (x) permissions to traverse folders, symlinks, or junctions.

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