ONTAP 9.14

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Manage protected operation rules

You create multi-admin verification (MAV) rules to designate operations requiring approval. Whenever an operation is initiated, protected operations are intercepted and a request for approval is generated.

Rules can be created before enabling MAV by any administrator with appropriate RBAC capabilities, but once MAV is enabled, any modification to the rule set requires MAV approval.

You can create rules for the following commands beginning with ONTAP 9.11.1.

cluster peer delete

event config modify

security login create

security login delete

security login modify

system node run

system node systemshell

volume delete

volume flexcache delete

volume snapshot autodelete modify

volume snapshot delete

volume snapshot policy add-schedule

volume snapshot policy create

volume snapshot policy delete

volume snapshot policy modify

volume snapshot policy modify-schedule

volume snapshot policy remove-schedule

volume snapshot restore

vserver peer delete

You can create rules for the following command beginning with ONTAP 9.13.1:

  • volume snaplock modify

In addition, the following commands are protected by default when MAV is enabled, but you can modify the rules to remove protection for these commands.

  • security login password

  • security login unlock

  • set

You can create rules to protect the following commands beginning with ONTAP 9.14.1:

  • volume recovery-queue modify

  • volume recovery-queue purge

  • volume recovery-queue purge-all

  • vserver modify

The rules for MAV system-default commands – the security multi-admin-verify commands – cannot be altered.

When you create a rule, you can optionally specify the -query option to limit the request to a subset of the command functionality. For example, in the default set command, -query is set to -privilege diag, meaning that a request is generated for the set command only when -privilege diag is specified.

smci-vsim20::> security multi-admin-verify rule show
                                               Required  Approval
Vserver Operation                              Approvers Groups
------- -------------------------------------- --------- -------------
vs01    set                                    -         -
          Query: -privilege diagnostic

By default, rules specify that a corresponding security multi-admin-verify request create “protected_operation” command is generated automatically when a protected operation is entered. You can modify this default to require that the request create command be entered separate.

By default, rules inherit the following global MAV settings, although you can specify rule-specific exceptions:

  • Required Number of Approvers

  • Approval Groups

  • Approval Expiry period

  • Execution Expiry period

ONTAP System Manager procedure

If you want to add a protected operation rule for the first time, see the ONTAP System Manager procedure to enable multi-admin verification.

To modify the existing rule set:

  1. Select Cluster > Settings.

  2. Select gear icon next to Multi-Admin Approval in the Security section.

  3. Select add icon to add at least one rule; you can also modify or delete existing rules.

    • Operation – Select a supported command from the list.

    • Query – Enter any desired command options and values.

    • Optional parameters – Leave blank to apply global settings, or assign a different value for specific rules to override the global settings.

      • Required number of approvers

      • Approval groups

CLI procedure

All security multi-admin-verify rule commands require MAV administrator approval before execution except security multi-admin-verify rule show.
If you want to… Enter this command

Create a rule

security multi-admin-verify rule create -operation “protected_operation” [-query operation_subset] [parameters]

Modify credentials of current administrators

security login modify <parameters>

Example: the following rule requires approval to delete the root volume.

security multi-admin-verify rule create -operation "volume delete" -query "-vserver vs0

Modify a rule

security multi-admin-verify rule modify -operation “protected_operation” [parameters]

Delete a rule

security multi-admin-verify rule delete -operation “protected_operation”

Show rules

security multi-admin-verify rule show

For command syntax details, see the security multi-admin-verify rule man pages.

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