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Resynchronize a replication relationship

You need to resynchronize a replication relationship after you make a destination volume writeable, after an update fails because a common Snapshot copy does not exist on the source and destination volumes, or if you want to change the replication policy for the relationship.

About this task
  • Although resync does not require a baseline transfer, it can be time-consuming. You might want to run the resync in off-peak hours.

  • Volumes that are part of a fan-out or cascade configuration can take longer to resynchronize. It is not uncommon to see the SnapMirror relationship reporting the status "preparing" for an extended time period.

  1. Resync the source and destination volumes:

    snapmirror resync -source-path SVM:volume|cluster://SVM/volume, …​ -destination-path SVM:volume|cluster://SVM/volume, …​ -type DP|XDP -schedule schedule -policy policy

    For complete command syntax, see the man page.

    You must run this command from the destination SVM or the destination cluster.

    The following example resyncs the relationship between the source volume volA on svm1 and the destination volume volA_dst on svm_backup:

    cluster_dst::> snapmirror resync -source-path svm1:volA -destination-path svm_backup:volA_dst
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