ONTAP 9.14

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Enable ONTAP S3 access for remote FabricPool tiering

For ONTAP S3 to be used as a remote FabricPool capacity (cloud) tier, the ONTAP S3 administrator must provide information about the S3 server configuration to the remote ONTAP cluster administrator.

About this task

The following S3 server information is required to configure FabricPool cloud tiers:

  • server name (FQDN)

  • bucket name

  • CA certificate

  • access key

  • password (secret access key)

In addition, the following networking configuration is required:

  • There must be an entry for the remote ONTAP S3 server’s hostname in the DNS server configured for the admin SVM, including the S3 server’s FQDN name and the IP addresses on its LIFs.

  • Intercluster LIFs must be configured on the local cluster, although cluster peering is not required.

See the FabricPool documentation about configuring ONTAP S3 as a cloud tier.

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