ONTAP 9.14

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Ways to limit LUN access with portsets and igroups

In addition to using Selective LUN Map (SLM), you can limit access to your LUNs through igroups and portsets.

Portsets can be used with SLM to further restrict access of certain targets to certain initiators. When using SLM with portsets, LUNs will be accessible on the set of LIFs in the portset on the node that owns the LUN and on that node’s HA partner.

In the following example, initiator1 does not have a portset. Without a portset, initiator1 can access LUN1 through both LIF1 and LIF2.

image illustrating LUN access without a portset

You can limit access to LUN1 by using a portset. In the following example, initiator1 can access LUN1 only through LIF1. However, initiator1 cannot access LUN1 through LIF2 because LIF2 is not in portset1.

image illustrating LUN access using a port et
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