ONTAP 9.14

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Use health monitoring to determine whether nondisruptive operation status is healthy

Health monitoring provides information about system health status across the cluster. The health monitor monitors Hyper-V and SQL Server over SMB configurations to ensure nondisruptive operations (NDOs) for the application servers. If the status is degraded, you can view details about the problem, including the probable cause and recommended recovery actions.

There are several health monitors. ONTAP monitors both overall system health and health for individual health monitors. The node connectivity health monitor contains the CIFS-NDO subsystem. The monitor has a set of health policies that trigger alerts if certain physical conditions can lead to disruption, and if a disruptive condition exists, generates alerts and provides information about corrective actions. For NDO over SMB configurations, alerts are generated for the two following conditions:

Alert ID Severity Condition



One or more files hosted by a volume in an aggregate on the node have been opened through a continuously available SMB share with the promise of persistence in the event of a failure; however, the HA relationship with the partner is either not configured or not healthy.



The storage virtual machine (SVM) is actively serving data over SMB through a node, and there are SMB files opened persistently over continuously available shares; however, its partner node is not exposing any active data LIFs for the SVM.

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