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Methods of managing SP/BMC firmware updates

ONTAP includes an SP firmware image that is called the baseline image. If a new version of the SP firmware becomes subsequently available, you have the option to download it and update the SP firmware to the downloaded version without upgrading the ONTAP version.

This topic applies to both the SP and the BMC.

ONTAP offers the following methods for managing SP firmware updates:

  • The SP automatic update functionality is enabled by default, allowing the SP firmware to be automatically updated in the following scenarios:

    • When you upgrade to a new version of ONTAP

      The ONTAP upgrade process automatically includes the SP firmware update, provided that the SP firmware version bundled with ONTAP is newer than the SP version running on the node.

      ONTAP detects a failed SP automatic update and triggers a corrective action to retry the SP automatic update up to three times. If all three retries fail, you should contact Fujitsu Support.

    • When you download a version of the SP firmware from the DVD included in the Product and the downloaded version is newer than the one that the SP is currently running

    • When you downgrade or revert to an earlier version of ONTAP

      The SP firmware is automatically updated to the newest compatible version that is supported by the ONTAP version you reverted or downgraded to. A manual SP firmware update is not required.

    You have the option to disable the SP automatic update functionality by using the system service-processor image modify command. However, it is recommended that you leave the functionality enabled. Disabling the functionality can result in suboptimal or nonqualified combinations between the ONTAP image and the SP firmware image.

  • ONTAP enables you to trigger an SP update manually and specify how the update should take place by using the system service-processor image update command.

    You can specify the following options:

    • The SP firmware package to use (-package)

      You can update the SP firmware to a downloaded package by specifying the package file name. The advance system image package show command displays all package files (including the files for the SP firmware package) that are available on a node.

    • Whether to use the baseline SP firmware package for the SP update (-baseline)

      You can update the SP firmware to the baseline version that is bundled with the currently running version of ONTAP.

    If you use some of the more advanced update options or parameters, the BMC’s configuration settings may be temporarily cleared. After reboot, it can take up to 10 minutes for ONTAP to restore the BMC configuration.

  • ONTAP enables you to display the status for the latest SP firmware update triggered from ONTAP by using the system service-processor image update-progress show command.

Any existing connection to the SP is terminated when the SP firmware is being updated. This is the case whether the SP firmware update is automatically or manually triggered.

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