ONTAP 9.14

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Balance loads by moving LUNs

You can move a LUN to another volume within the storage VM to balance the load, or you can move it to a volume with a higher performance service level to improve performance.

Move restrictions

  • A LUN cannot be moved to a qtree within the same volume.

  • A LUN created from a file using the CLI cannot be moved with ONTAP System Manager.

  • LUNs that are online and serving data cannot be moved.

  • LUNs cannot be moved if the allocated space in the destination volume cannot contain the LUN (even if autogrow is enabled on the volume).

  • LUNs on SnapLock volumes cannot be moved with ONTAP System Manager.

Workflow diagram of task to balance loads by moving LUNs

  1. Click Storage > LUNs.

  2. Select the LUN that you want to move and click Move.

  3. Select an existing volume to which you want to move the LUN. If the volume contains qtrees, select the qtree.

While the Move operation is in progress, the LUN is displayed on both the origin and destination volume.
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