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Configure switches for FCoE

You must configure your switches for FCoE before your FC service can run over the existing Ethernet infrastructure.

What you’ll need
  • Your SAN configuration must be supported.

    For more information about supported configurations, contact Fujitsu support personnel.

  • A Unified Target Adapter (UTA) must be installed on your storage system.

    If you are using a UTA2, it must be set to cna mode.

  • A converged network adapter (CNA) must be installed on your host.

  1. Use your switch documentation to configure your switches for FCoE.

  2. Verify that the DCB settings for each node in the cluster have been correctly configured.

    run -node node1 -command dcb show

    DCB settings are configured on the switch. Consult your switch documentation if the settings are incorrect.

  3. Verify that the FCoE login is working when the FC target port online status is true.

    fcp adapter show -fields node,adapter,status,state,speed,fabric-established,physical-protocol

    If the FC target port online status is false, consult your switch documentation.

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