ONTAP 9.14

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What Cluster Aware Backup extension does

CAB (Cluster Aware Backup) is an NDMP v4 protocol extension. This extension enables the NDMP server to establish a data connection on a node that owns a volume. This also enables the backup application to determine if volumes and tape devices are located on the same node in a cluster.

To enable the NDMP server to identify the node that owns a volume and to establish a data connection on such a node, the backup application must support the CAB extension. CAB extension requires the backup application to inform the NDMP server about the volume to be backed up or restored prior to establishing the data connection. This allows the NDMP server to determine the node that hosts the volume and appropriately establish the data connection.

With the CAB extension supported by the backup application, the NDMP server provides affinity information about volumes and tape devices. Using this affinity information, the backup application can perform a local backup instead of a three-way backup if a volume and tape device are located on the same node in a cluster.

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