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Update a replication relationship manually

You might need to update a replication relationship manually if an update fails because the source volume has been moved.

About this task

SnapMirror aborts any transfers from a moved source volume until you update the replication relationship manually.

SnapMirror Synchronous relationships are supported. Although the source and destination volumes are in sync at all times in these relationships, the view from the secondary cluster is synchronized with the primary only on an hourly basis. If you want to view the point-in-time data at the destination, you should perform a manual update by running the snapmirror update command.

  1. Update a replication relationship manually:

    snapmirror update -source-path SVM:volume|cluster://SVM/volume, …​ -destination-path SVM:volume|cluster://SVM/volume, …​

    For complete command syntax, see the man page.

    You must run this command from the destination SVM or the destination cluster. The command fails if a common Snapshot copy does not exist on the source and destination. Use snapmirror initialize to re-initialize the relationship.

    The following example updates the relationship between the source volume volA on svm1 and the destination volume volA_dst on svm_backup:

    cluster_src::> snapmirror update -source-path svm1:volA -destination-path svm_backup:volA_dst
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