ONTAP 9.14

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Application aware data management

Application aware data management enables you to describe the application that you want to deploy over ONTAP in terms of the application, rather than in storage terms. The application can be configured and ready to serve data quickly with minimal inputs by using ONTAP System Manager and REST APIs.

The application aware data management feature provides a way to set up, manage, and monitor storage at the level of individual applications. This feature incorporates relevant ONTAP best practices to optimally provision applications, with balanced placement of storage objects based on desired performance service levels and available system resources.

The application aware data management feature includes a set of application templates, with each template consisting of a set of parameters that collectively describe the configuration of an application. These parameters, which are often preset with default values, define the characteristics that an application administrator could specify for provisioning storage on an ONTAP system, such as database sizes, service levels, protocol access elements such as LIFs as well as local protection criteria and remote protection criteria. Based on the specified parameters, ONTAP configures storage entities such as LUNs and volumes with appropriate sizes and service levels for the application.

You can perform the following tasks for your applications:

  • Create applications by using the application templates

  • Manage the storage associated with the applications

  • Modify or delete the applications

  • View applications

  • Manage Snapshot copies of the applications

  • Create consistency groups to provide data protection capabilities by selecting multiple LUNs in the same or in different volumes

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