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Perform a SnapMirror single file restore from a FlexGroup volume

Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, you can restore a single file from a FlexGroup SnapMirror vault or from a UDP destination.

About this task
  • You can restore from a FlexGroup volume of any geometry to FlexGroup volume of any geometry

  • Only one file per restore operation is supported

  • You can restore to either the original source FlexGroup volume or to a new FlexGroup volume

  • Remote fenced file lookup is not supported.

    Single file restore fails if the source file is fenced.

  • You can restart or clean up an aborted single file restore

  • You should clean up a failed single file restore transfer by using the clean-up-failure option of the snapmirror restore command

  • Expansion of FlexGroup volumes is supported when a FlexGroup single file restore is in progress or in an aborted state

  1. Restore a file from a FlexGroup volume:snapmirror restore -destination-path destination_path -source-path source_path -file-list /f1 -throttle throttle -source-snapshot snapshot

    The following is an example of a FlexGroup volume single file restore operation.

    vserverA::> snapmirror restore -destination-path vs0:fg2 -source-path vs0:fgd -file-list /f1 -throttle 5 -source-snapshot snapmirror.81072ce1-d57b-11e9-94c0-005056a7e422_2159190496.2019-09-19_062631
    [Job 135] Job is queued: snapmirror restore from source "vs0:fgd" for the snapshot snapmirror.81072ce1-d57b-11e9-94c0-005056a7e422_2159190496.2019-09-19_062631.
    vserverA::> snapmirror show
                                                                                             Source              Destination Mirror   Relationship                   Total Last
    Path       Type   Path            State    Status           Progress Healthy Updated
    ----------- ----      ------------     -------    ---------          ----- --------- ------- --------
    vs0:v1d RST    vs0:v2          -           Transferring Idle 83.12KB true 09/19 11:38:42
    vserverA::*> snapmirror show vs0:fg2
    Source Path: vs0:fgd
    Source Cluster: -
    Source Vserver: vs0
    Source Volume: fgd
    Destination Path: vs0:fg2
    Destination Cluster: -
    Destination Vserver: vs0
    Destination Volume: fg2
    Relationship Type: RST
    Relationship Group Type: none
    Managing Vserver: vs0
    SnapMirror Schedule: -
    SnapMirror Policy Type: -
    SnapMirror Policy: -
    Tries Limit: -
    Throttle (KB/sec): unlimited
    Current Transfer Throttle (KB/sec): 2
    Mirror State: -
    Relationship Status: Transferring
    File Restore File Count: 1
    File Restore File List: f1
    Transfer Snapshot: snapmirror.81072ce1-d57b-11e9-94c0-005056a7e422_2159190496.2019-09-19_062631
    Snapshot Progress: 2.87MB
    Total Progress: 2.87MB
    Network Compression Ratio: 1:1
    Snapshot Checkpoint: 2.97KB
    Newest Snapshot: -
    Newest Snapshot Timestamp: -
    Exported Snapshot: -
    Exported Snapshot Timestamp: -
    Healthy: true
    Physical Replica: -
    Relationship ID: e6081667-dacb-11e9-94c0-005056a7e422
    Source Vserver UUID: 81072ce1-d57b-11e9-94c0-005056a7e422
    Destination Vserver UUID: 81072ce1-d57b-11e9-94c0-005056a7e422
    Current Operation ID: 138f12e6-dacc-11e9-94c0-005056a7e422
    Transfer Type: cg_file_restore
    Transfer Error: -
    Last Transfer Type: -
    Last Transfer Error: -
    Last Transfer Error Codes: -
    Last Transfer Size: -
    Last Transfer Network Compression Ratio: -
    Last Transfer Duration: -
    Last Transfer From: -
    Last Transfer End Timestamp: -
    Unhealthy Reason: -
    Progress Last Updated: 09/19 07:07:36
    Relationship Capability: 8.2 and above
    Lag Time: -
    Current Transfer Priority: normal
    SMTape Operation: -
    Constituent Relationship: false
    Destination Volume Node Name: vserverA
    Identity Preserve Vserver DR: -
    Number of Successful Updates: 0
    Number of Failed Updates: 0
    Number of Successful Resyncs: 0
    Number of Failed Resyncs: 0
    Number of Successful Breaks: 0
    Number of Failed Breaks: 0
    Total Transfer Bytes: 0
    Total Transfer Time in Seconds: 0
    Source Volume MSIDs Preserved: -
    OpMask: ffffffffffffffff
    Is Auto Expand Enabled: -
    Source Endpoint UUID: -
    Destination Endpoint UUID: -
    Is Catalog Enabled: false
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