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Modify caching policies of Flash Pool aggregates

You should modify the caching policy of a volume only if a different caching policy is expected to provide better performance. You can modify the caching policy of a volume on a Flash Pool aggregate.

What you’ll need

You must determine whether you want to modify your caching policy.

About this task

In most cases, the default caching policy of auto is the best caching policy that you can use. The caching policy should be changed only if a different policy provides better performance for your workload. Configuring the wrong caching policy can severely degrade volume performance; the performance degradation could increase gradually over time. You should use caution when modifying caching policies. If you experience performance issues with a volume for which the caching policy has been changed, you should return the caching policy to auto.

  1. Modify the volume’s caching policy:

    volume modify -volume volume_name -caching-policy policy_name


The following example modifies the caching policy of a volume named “vol2” to the policy none:

volume modify -volume vol2 -caching-policy none

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