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Remove a SAN LIF from a port set

If the LIF you want to delete or move is in a port set, you must remove the LIF from the port set before you can delete or move the LIF.

About this task

You need to do Step 1 in the following procedure only if one LIF is in the port set. You cannot remove the last LIF in a port set if the port set is bound to an initiator group. Otherwise, you can start with Step 2 if multiple LIFs are in the port set.

  1. If only one LIF is in the port set, use the lun igroup unbind command to unbind the port set from the initiator group.

    When you unbind an initiator group from a port set, all of the initiators in the initiator group have access to all target LUNs mapped to the initiator group on all network interfaces.

    cluster1::>lun igroup unbind -vserver vs1 -igroup ig1

  2. Use the lun portset remove command to remove the LIF from the port set.

    cluster1::> port set remove -vserver vs1 -portset ps1 -port-name lif1

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