ONTAP 9.14

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Remove a failed disk

A disk that is completely failed is no longer counted by ONTAP as a usable disk, and you can immediately disconnect the disk from the disk shelf. However, you should leave a partially failed disk connected long enough for the Rapid RAID Recovery process to complete.

About this task

If you are removing a disk because it has failed or because it is producing excessive error messages, you should not use the disk again in this or any other storage system.

  1. Find the disk ID of the failed disk:

    storage disk show -broken

    If the disk does not appear in the list of failed disks, it might be partially failed, with a Rapid RAID Recovery in process. In this case, you should wait until the disk is present in the list of failed disks (which means that the Rapid RAID Recovery process is complete) before removing the disk.

  2. Determine the physical location of the disk you want to remove:

    storage disk set-led -action on -disk disk_name 2

    The fault LED on the face of the disk is lit.

  3. Remove the disk from the disk shelf, following the instructions in the hardware guide for your disk shelf model.

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