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Check the iSCSI TCP read/write size

For iSCSI, you can check the TCP read/write size to determine if the size setting is creating a performance issue. If the size is the source of an issue, you can correct it.

What you’ll need

Advanced privilege level commands are required for this task.

  1. Change to advanced privilege level:

    set -privilege advanced

  2. Check the TCP window size setting:

    vserver iscsi show -vserv,er vserver_name -instance

  3. Modify the TCP window size setting:

    vserver iscsi modify -vserver vserver_name -tcp-window-size integer

  4. Return to administrative privilege:

    set -privilege admin


The following example changes the TCP window size of SVM1 to 131,400 bytes:

cluster1::*> vserver iscsi modify -vserver vs1 -tcp-window-size 131400
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