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Generate an NDMP-specific password for NDMP users

In the storage virtual machine (SVM)-scoped NDMP mode, you must generate a password for a specific user ID. The generated password is based on the actual login password for the NDMP user. If the actual login password changes, you must generate the NDMP-specific password again.

  1. Use the vserver services ndmp generate-password command to generate an NDMP-specific password.

    You can use this password in any current or future NDMP operation that requires password input.

    From the storage virtual machine (SVM, formerly known as Vserver) context, you can generate NDMP passwords for users belonging only to that SVM.

    The following example shows how to generate an NDMP-specific password for a user ID user1:

    cluster1::vserver services ndmp> generate-password -vserver vs1 -user user1
    Vserver: vs1
    User: user1
    Password: jWZiNt57huPOoD8d
  2. If you change the password to your regular storage system account, repeat this procedure to obtain your new NDMP-specific password.

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