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Quota targets and types

Quotas have a type: they can be either user, group, or tree. Quota targets specify the user, group, or qtree for which the quota limits are applied.

The following table lists the kinds of quota targets, what types of quotas each quota target is associated with, and how each quota target is represented:

Quota target

Quota type

How target is represented



user quota

UNIX user name UNIX UID

A file or directory whose UID matches the user

Windows user name in pre-Windows 2000 format

Windows SID

A file or directory with an ACL owned by the user’s SID

User quotas can be applied for a specific volume or qtree.


group quota

UNIX group name UNIX GID

A file or directory whose GID matches the group

Group quotas can be applied for a specific volume or qtree.

ONTAP does not apply group quotas based on Windows IDs.


tree quota

qtree name

Tree quotas are applied to a particular volume and do not affect qtrees in other volumes.


user quotagroup quota

tree quota

Double quotation marks ("")

A quota target of "" denotes a default quota. For default quotas, the quota type is determined by the value of the type field.

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