ONTAP 9.14

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How quotas are applied to users with multiple IDs

A user can be represented by multiple IDs. You can set up a single user quota for such a user by specifying a list of IDs as the quota target. A file owned by any of these IDs is subject to the restriction of the user quota.

Suppose a user has the UNIX UID 20 and the Windows IDs corp\john_smith and engineering\jsmith. For this user, you can specify a quota where the quota target is a list of the UID and Windows IDs. When this user writes to the storage system, the specified quota applies, regardless of whether the write originates from UID 20, corp\john_smith, or engineering\jsmith.

Separate quota file entries are considered separate targets, even if the IDs belong to the same user. For example, for the same user you can specify one quota that limits UID 20 to 1 GB of disk space and another quota that limits corp\john_smith to 2 GB of disk space, even though both IDs represent the same user. ONTAP applies quotas to UID 20 and corp\john_smith separately.

In this case, no limits are applied to engineering\jsmith, even though limits are applied to the other IDs used by the same user.

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