ONTAP 9.14

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Support for industry-standard network technologies

ONTAP supports all major industry-standard network technologies. Key technologies include IPspaces, DNS load balancing, and SNMP traps.

Broadcast domains, failover groups, and subnets are described in NAS path failover.


You can use an IPspace to create a distinct IP address space for each virtual data server in a cluster. Doing so enables clients in administratively separate network domains to access cluster data while using overlapping IP addresses from the same IP address subnet range.

A service provider, for example, could configure different IPspaces for tenants using the same IP addresses to access a cluster.

DNS load balancing

You can use DNS load balancing to distribute user network traffic across available ports. A DNS server dynamically selects a network interface for traffic based on the number of clients that are mounted on the interface.

SNMP traps

You can use SNMP traps to check periodically for operational thresholds or failures. SNMP traps capture system monitoring information sent asynchronously from an SNMP agent to an SNMP manager.

FIPS compliance

ONTAP is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 for all SSL connections. You can turn on and off SSL FIPS mode, set SSL protocols globally, and turn off any weak ciphers such as RC4.

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