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Home directory shares require unique user names

Be careful to assign unique user names when creating home directory shares using the %w (Windows user name) or %u (UNIX user name) variables to generate shares dynamically. The share name is mapped to your user name.

Two problems can occur when a static share’s name and a user’s name are the same:

  • When the user lists the shares on a cluster using the net view command, two shares with the same user name are displayed.

  • When the user connects to that share name, the user is always connected to the static share and cannot access the home directory share with the same name.

For example, there is a share named “administrator” and you have an “administrator” Windows user name. If you create a home directory share and connect to that share, you get connected to the “administrator” static share, not to your “administrator” home directory share.

You can resolve the issue with duplicate share names by following any of these steps:

  • Renaming the static share so that it no longer conflicts with the user’s home directory share.

  • Giving the user a new user name so that it no longer conflicts with the static share name.

  • Creating a CIFS home directory share with a static name such as “home” instead of using the %w parameter to avoid conflicts with the share names.

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