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Enable storage efficiency visualization

Use the storage aggregate show-efficiency command to display information about the storage efficiency of all the aggregates in your system.

The storage aggregate show-efficiency command has three different views that can be invoked by passing command options.

Default view

The default view displays the overall ratio for each of the aggregates.

cluster1::> storage aggregate show-efficiency

Detailed view

Invoke the detailed view with the -details command option. This view displays the following:

  • Overall efficiency ratio for each of the aggregates.

  • Overall ratio without Snapshot copies.

  • Ratio split for the following efficiency technologies: volume deduplication, volume compression, Snapshot copies, clones, data compaction, and aggregate inline deduplication.

cluster1::> storage aggregate show-efficiency -details

Advanced view

The advanced view is similar to the detailed view and displays the logical and physical used details. The view was enhanced to now display the efficiency technologies separately.

You must run this command at the advanced privilege level. Switch to advanced privilege by using the set -privilege advanced command.

The command prompt changes to cluster::*>.

cluster1::> set -privilege advanced

Invoke the advanced view with the -advanced command option.

cluster1::*> storage aggregate show-efficiency -advanced

To view ratios for a single aggregate individually invoke the -aggregate aggregate_name command. This command can be run at the admin level, as well as the advanced privilege level.

cluster1::> storage aggregate show-efficiency -aggregate aggr1

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