ONTAP 9.14

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Serve data from a SnapMirror destination

To serve data from a mirror destination when a source becomes unavailable, stop scheduled transfers to the destination, and then break the SnapMirror relationship to make the destination writable.

workflow diagram for task to serve data from a destination

  1. Select the desired protection relationship: click Protection > Relationships, and then click the desired volume name.

  2. Click More options.

  3. Stop scheduled transfers : click Pause.

  4. Make the destination writable: click Break.

  5. Go to the main Relationships page to verify that the relationship state displays as "broken off".

Next steps:

When the disabled source volume is available again, you should resynchronize the relationship to copy the current data to the original source volume. This process replaces the data on the original source volume.

Other ways to do this in ONTAP

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