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Data protection workflow for FlexGroup volumes

You can create SnapMirror disaster recovery (DR) relationships for FlexGroup volumes. You can also backup and restore FlexGroup volumes by using SnapVault technology, and you can create a unified data protection relationship that uses the same destination for backup and DR.

The data protection workflow consists of verifying the cluster and SVM peer relationships, creating a destination volume, creating a job schedule, specifying a policy, creating a data protection relationship, and initializing the relationship.

FlexGroup volume disater recover preparation workflow
About this task

The SnapMirror relationship type is always XDP for FlexGroup volumes. The type of data protection that is provided by a SnapMirror relationship is determined by the replication policy that you use. You can use either the default policy or a custom policy of the required type for the replication relationship that you want to create. The following table shows the default policy types and supported custom policy types for different types of data protection relationships.

Relationship type

Default Policy

Custom policy type

SnapMirror DR



SnapVault backup



Unified data protection



The MirrorLatest policy is not supported with FlexGroup volumes.

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